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  • Lana Luxe Plaid

    Lana Luxe Plaid

    A feel-good favourite accessory this season this soft shoulder cape made of wool is cosy and comfortable but also creates a highly fashionable look. It has been knitted in a 10-stitch quality with a staggered pattern to create an attractive shape. Perfect for wearing over a blouse or slim-fitting roll neck pullover, this item is a comfortable and stylish companion for autumn and winter days.
  • Cape Cod Scarf

    Cape Cod Scarf

    Generous scarf in 100 cashmere. Sewn-in, tone-in-tone Wolford logo
  • Yvette Belt

    Yvette Belt

    This decorative belt can conjure up many looks It can be worn anywhere between the waist and the hips. The design is hard to overlook The front is made of the finest cowhide and studded with golden rivets in a diamond pattern a matching elastic band gives the belt the perfect fit. With classic golden metal clasp at the front.
  • Cape Cod Mini Scarf

    Cape Cod Mini Scarf

    Playful 100 cashmere mini scarf - the tassles along the sides give this scarf a charming touch. With tone-in-tone embroidered Wolford logo 17 x 140 cm
  • Nahla Belt

    Nahla Belt

    Distinctive eye-catching blossoms with entwined openwork vines in the leather are at the centre of this waist belt. The ingeniously placed gold-coloured metal rivets create an unusual look. The ornament is applied to a narrow cowhide strap that is held together at the back with an inner prong clasp. Cross-story to ready-to-wear and swimwear
  • Multifunction Scarf

    Multifunction Scarf

    Styling talent Cleverly draped, this scarf looks great with basic items, but also worn as a stole with sheer or strapless tops. It looks particularly stylish worn with the Fatal Dress from the Wolford Collection. A perfect match for basic items such as bodies, tops, shirts and pullovers from the ready-to-wear collection s Essentials range.
  • Amanda Belt

    Amanda Belt

    Shimmering details such as large golden studs characterise this wide waist belt made from nubuck cowhide. The tapered centre fastening can also be worn at the back. The classic, gold-coloured metal buckle and trendy colours make for easy styling and the creation of fashionable autumn and winter looks.
  • Multifunction Merino Scarf

    Multifunction Merino Scarf

    Multi-talent for wintertime this scarf in ultra-fine Merino wool leaves nothing to be desired in terms of cosiness and adaptability to your creativity. Whether worn as a shoulder-free top or a slit tunic dress this scarf is a versatile companion for a wide range of occasions and styles. Fine gauge knit 18-gauge
  • Colora Belt

    Colora Belt

    One belt, all the seasonal colours. This belt made from nubuck cowhide features an incredibly versatile colour scheme for creating a wide range of styles. The individual pieces of leather are so skilfully attached that it appears to be a single piece of material. The classic half-rounded golden buckle makes this belt perfect for wearing with trousers, but it can also be worn over a dress or pullover as a stylish addition to every outfit.
  • Scarlet Bracelet

    Scarlet Bracelet

    This bracelet can instantly transform a plain look into a party outfit. Gold and glittery metallic detailing adorns the soft velvet material to create an eye-catching accessory at evening events. For even more glamour, combine with a pullover or tights featuring the same design.
  • Raya Scarf

    Raya Scarf

    From elegant to girlie a fluffy, light, chiffon scarf is indispensable for all styles. This scarf is made from 100 silk and its fresh, colourful stripe design gives it a particularly summery feel. Classy detail The edge binding in contrasting colours. Size 70 x 70 cm Cross-story to ready-to-wear
  • Calin Belt

    Calin Belt

    Subtle yet chic elegance. This nubuck cowhide belt will emphasise your gorgeous femininity. The stylish buckle with a leather insert and thin golden edging compliments the perfectly-shaped, simple leather strap. The buckle pin fastens on the inside of the belt to create a highly minimalist finish.
  • Bra Straps Naked

    Bra Straps Naked

    The perfect accessory for our bras with removable straps.
  • Zerafina Scarf

    Zerafina Scarf

    Subtle, elegant, timeless. This beautiful scarf in a lace-jacquard design is a highly versatile item. Inspired by delicate lace and featuring a slightly silky shimmer, it stylishly completes any outfit. Combines perfectly with most items in the current Wolford collection.
  • Danja Belt

    Danja Belt

    This hip belt made from smooth cowhide impresses with exciting details its asymmetric design features a gold-coloured hinge at the back. The subtle contrasting effect adds a touch of extravagance to any outfit. The belt combines most stylishly with a knitted dress or pullover from Wolford s current Winter Collection and high boots.
  • Fatal Sleeves

    Fatal Sleeves

    Fun with styling guaranteed with these arm cuffs made of soft velvet material. They go perfectly with all sleeveless dresses and tops and give the look a modern twist. Sleeves made of soft, velvet material Perfect in combination with the FATAL dress and top from the Ready-to-wear collection
  • Belinda Scarf

    Belinda Scarf

    Gentle on the skin, easy on the eyes. This large jacquard scarf is made from a comfy mix of viscose and cashmere to guarantee the utmost comfort. The scarf exudes refined elegance thanks to its slightly shimmering floral design, which appears bolder or more subtle depending on the light. Combine with a matching skirt to create a particularly decorative look.
  • Merino Rib Cap

    Merino Rib Cap

    Fashionable cap made from ribbed merino wool. Perfect for combining with the merino rib group and the matching scarf gauge 12 inch
  • Karlie Gloves

    Karlie Gloves

    These fishnet gloves with an interwoven paisley design on the back of the hands are bound to add a touch of extravagance to your evening. Their enticing elegance will make them the crowning feature of your outfit. Combine with a sleeveless dress or top, or even with a body from the current Wolford collection to add an exciting accessory to your evening event.
  • Olivia Scarf

    Olivia Scarf

    This scarf embodies the perfection of elegance. One side is decorated with velvet polka dots, whilst the other is plain and smooth. It s the perfect wardrobe companion because it successfully complements items from the current collection, making it perfect for a business meeting, dinner or leisure activities.
  • Fatal Headband

    Fatal Headband

    A summer statement the hairband made of soft velvet material gives any outfit a modern look. This piece is beautiful combined with jeans, leggings or a dress, but is also perfect by the pool or on the beach with a bikini or swimsuit. Hairband made of soft velvet material To be worn as a wide hairband or ponytail band
  • Washbag


    Protects the superior Wolford products in your washing-machine.
  • Rosalie Scarf

    Rosalie Scarf

    A rose tinted highlight ... This large scarf combines all of this season s shades of red in one masterpiece of design and style. The graphic design of pretty rose petals allows it to perfectly combine with all items from the ROSALIE range. The subtly fringed edges add an additional touch of casual elegance.
  • Colinda Scarf

    Colinda Scarf

    This classic silk carr scarf is certainly a cut above the rest. It artistically combines the various design inspirations of the season and the on-trend composition of colours enables it to be stylishly combined with almost any outfit. The flattering silk ensures a cosy feel, whilst the elaborate edges are rolled by hand to create a highly artistic finish.
  • Merino Rib Scarf

    Merino Rib Scarf

    Cozy for winter precious scarf made from ribbed merino wool. Perfect for combining with the merino rib range and the matching cap gauge 12 inch
  • Fatal Belt

    Fatal Belt

    Styling-day surprises. This opaque, completely seamless knitted band in velvet fabric can be worn with any outfit in a variety of ways. It can be draped over the hips or waist or worn in the hair. Perfect accessory in combination with the Fatal Dress or Fatal Top Seamless knitting technology
  • Tilla Scarf

    Tilla Scarf

    This silk scarf in an art deco style provides a dazzling accessory for autumn and winter. Due to the transparent and shimmering effect of the silk material, the colour exudes an intense luminosity. Rolled edging adds another touch of elegance and class to the scarf.
  • Cape Cod Plaid

    Cape Cod Plaid

    Generous stole in 100 cashmere. Sewn-in, tone-in-tone Wolford logo
  • Button Belt

    Button Belt

    Midriff revisited waist belt, fashionably decorated with chunky leather buttons. To retain the all-over effect, the belt is fastened on the inside with concealed pop buttons. A particularly versatile accessory that goes well with all sorts of styles. Concealed pop buttons on reverse of belt